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Entry #92

hey guys

2017-03-15 19:22:15 by saltovergray

whats good?


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2017-03-15 19:49:20


saltovergray responds:

who are you


2017-03-15 20:20:05


the guy below just be hatin'

saltovergray responds:

i know we keep up on twitter you're like a real person to me im glad we havent fallen apart


2017-08-28 19:11:39

hello, im good! :D

BTW, sorry if i ask, but is this salt-shaker clock?
because if it is, then i am chris-the-stick2, and we used to talk alot on NG in 2007, back when we both belonged into the anti-kitty krew club.

its been a long time, my friend!
do you remember smico? or boom-clock?
those were some good times...